Saturday, 12 March 2011

Worry? me!

To say I'm tired would,I think, be an understatement.

I will start with yesterday because that is what has worn me out the worst.  Can anyone tell me why we have children? For my sins I have 3, all grown up, not so much to worry about you would think.

 Yesterday morning my son rang , " Mum,  Have you heard the news?" " No"  " There's been a hugh earthquake in Japan" " Oh God, those poor people." " The thing is Mum, They have issued a Tsunami warning to the whole of the Pacific ring" It at this point that I realise why he is ringing.

My little one is travelling in South East Asia and we have no idea exactly where she is. We haven't heard from her for a couple of weeks and I was starting to get a bit concerned anyway. The last we heard she was thinking of going to Indonesia which is in the way of the wave.

Mr T is his annoyingly calm self saying don't worry she'll be fine and heads out to the garden.

 Don't worry! 

I'm a mother I'm supposed to worry.


A message came through this morning,
" Hey all, I'm in Vietnam"  
She is totally unaware of what is going on. 
 I ask again Why do we have children?

As for the rest of the week

 I did my first real working days for nearly 2 years, How on earth I worked full time shift work and looked after a family for years I have no idea. 

 I've been spring cleaning the Blickling plant centre ready for it's opening today.

It looked very sad on Sunday.

All locked up

Empty displays.

All looks very grey.

Piles of stock both old and new.

Even the Christmas decorations are still in place.

  Then after washing, brushing, tidying, carrying, pricing and even a bit of DIY


The arrival of hundreds of plants, ( it could be expensive working here)

We are ready to go , even if the weather is still grey.

Lots of colourful new stock,
I love these kneelers.

And these 

No wonder I'm tired.

Before I go just a reminder that only a couple of days before I draw my giveaway so if you want to enter go to the link on my side bar.

Hope you are all well, hello to all my new followers and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. oh gill i'm so glad to hear that your daughter is safe and sound, what a worry indeed!!!

    the garden centra and the courtyard look lovely after all your hard work
    i'm off to enter your giveaway right now

  2. Hi Glad your daughter is safe. Try to take it easy !
    Sue x

  3. S glad your daughter is O.K :)what a worry, and the men never seem concerned do they :(
    I love the look of the new place your working at... I don't think I'd have much of my wages left if I worked there,
    Sue x

  4. Hi ,Kids! they are oblivious to what lays ahead when they have theirs, I have pondered that question many times and i really think we do not actually think beyond the little babe in arms,they break your arms as babies and your hearts as they grow and we would not have it any other way lol as they are the reason we are who we are.Think there is a lot of temptation at your work but all gardeners are nice so you are gong to enjoy getting to know all those nice people.HAve a lovely day and try not to worry too much.

  5. So glad your daughter is safe, no wonder you were frantic I know I would have been too. If any of mine don't answer their phones twice in a row I start imagining all sorts until I hear from them, worrying is what we mums do best.:D xxx

  6. You poor thing, you must of been out of your mind, so glad she's OK.
    Men just don't have that maternal instinct that we do!

    B xxx

  7. Glad to hear your daughter is ok, my mum felt the same way whenever I was abroad, even though nothing bad had happened nearby! Well done on all the hard work you put in at the garden centre, it looks great! :) x

  8. I know ... my daughter is going 'travelling' in September and I am already worried and she hasn't set off yet! The plant centre looks enticing - will pop up there over Easter and have a look.