Saturday, 11 August 2012

A great Day

It isn't every day you can say you saw someone you know
 win a gold medal,
But that is what Mr T and I along with other members of my family did today.
Last October my nephews best man at his wedding was his
best friend,
 Ed McKeever.
Today we screamed  Cheered him to victory
at Eton Dorney 
and it was fantastic.

We had known for sometime that he was in with a good chance of getting a medal
which was why we applied for the tickets in the first place
and we are oh so glad we did.

We had an early start but it is a beautiful setting.

 The start line.

Oh Yes!!
The result confirmed on the big screen.

The down sides of the day--
I've lost my voice from all the cheering
I have Panda eyes were I've been wearing
sunglasses all day.
I think I can live with both.

It was a full house all along the short course.

A party atmosphere  with bands and dancers
after it had all finished for both
us and 

the wonderful games makers.
Having been to 3 events during the last 2 weeks
I have to say how fantastic these volunteers have been
with smiles and waves for hours on end and have 
helped make the atmosphere at these events absolutely amazing.

 And one for Helen- the undomesticated Scientist-
the bag she sent me in the Best of British Swap.

We had made a 2 day trip out of the occasion 
so next time will be our day in Windsor.



  1. Oh Gill, I can only imagine the thrill of being there and actually seeing someone you know get a gold - how brilliant is that!

    Your bag's a bit good too!

  2. How wonderful Gill.
    Love your bag. There is something so special about your flag. ( it's in the corner of ours!)
    We had a night in Windsor on our trip last year and I think my pics of changing f the guard are
    Better than the postcard I bought! Soldiers, flag and Castle. I think il get it put on a canvas.
    Have a great week.

  3. How fantastic!
    I watched on TV and cheered him all the way!

  4. How fantastic to see him win. His home town is about 3 miles away so I going there tomorrow to see his gold postbox.

  5. i've been so excited following random Brits winning medals but to be there to see someone you actually know win Gold at these amazing games must have been beyond excitement!!