Friday, 17 August 2012

Added Bonus

When the Olympics were awarded to London 7 years ago
Mr T and I were determined to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience,
which I think we have done.

The added bonus to our 3 days watching is that we have 
visited a couple of places that, until now have just been names on Motorway signs
as we drove somewhere else.

Guildford was our first stop for the cycling.
It provided our over night accommodation
as well as  some beautiful old buildings.

London was next, not exactly somewhere new
but great fun to visit anyway.
Spitalfields  market was our stop
 for lunch our way to the Volley ball in Earl's Court.

Dinner (Pizza) in Covent Garden

Then back to the railway station via the City of London.

And finally, Windsor and Eton for the day before the canoeing, 

We did a river trip up to this weir and back along the Thames

Which gave us a fabulous  view of the Castle on the way back.

Then we managed to see the changing of the guard,

before a bit of retail therapy.

After lunch it was over the bridge to see Eton College.
I was amazed to find out that the college is the 2nd largest land owner in the country
and of course they own Eton Dorney lake where we were the next day.

Then finally to our B&B and a walk along the 
Thames at Hurley which was beautiful.

Now it's back to reality,
whatever that is.

See you soon.



  1. Brings back great memories Gill

  2. Looks like you have had great fun :)

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for a blogging award. Please pop over to my blog and have a look. Eileen