Friday, 19 April 2013

My Week in pictures

1. Chewbacca? in Norwich !, 2.Just a little green house, 3. Tangled but lovely, 4.I don't need help from a tree Thank You. 5.Spring at last, 6.Vintage fabric from M-I-Ls stash.  7.Ready to go to Sew Scrumptious For "dress a girl from around the world", 8. Roses from the lovely Mr T.


  1. What on earth was Chewbacca doing in Norwich??

    Look at those lovely blue skies - it has brightened up considerably this afternoon here in West Norfolk, but we had showers this morning. But I do believe IT has arrived!

    1. no idea but he wasn't alone, wait for the scavenger hunt photos.

  2. Great pictures, and no rain in sight! But Chewbacca in Norwich??

  3. Been sitting out today and now have a headache - maybe we have Headache Trees in the garden! Great pics. Have just started following your Pinterest Boards - I really struggle with this social media stuff and the kids won't help me! Getting there though! xCathy