Sunday, 14 April 2013

We Won!!!

The Norfolk Horticultural Society has just had it's Spring show
and part of that show is the Cator Cup.

This is a craft competition for sections of 
Norfolk W.I. which the 
Erpingham and Calthorpe section entered and 

We Won!!!!!!!

This is what we won.

 If your section wants to enter then you have to choose 5 different crafts 
from the given selection  and to make them to fit in with the 
theme for the year.

This years theme was Seasons and we choose Autumn.

We decided to do 
1. A Handmade card
2. Floral exhibit (i think everyone did this one)
3. A hand knitted article
4. 5 homemade biscuits
5. A Photograph

This is how our entry looked 

With the card which picked up the colours from
the photo beautifully, 
I also made a card but we all decided this one
went better with the other items.

The knitted tortoise was getting ready for hibernation

And our fabulous floral exhibit which scored 20 out of a possible 20

So it was only right that the lady that did it should collect the cup.

This was the entry from  Caston which came a very close
second just 1/2 a mark behind.
 Their season was Winter.

This was third, the stump work embroidery on this was

This one was fourth and won the peoples choice award.
I think it was my favourite as well as the
toadstools and leaves at the front are all sugar craft
but looked so realistic I really had to look twice.

It was great to see everyone's different take on the theme
one of them did the football season which I thought was very clever
and the work was amazing-

so many clever and talented people.

We are now feeling very proud and of course had to have a glass
of something to celebrate.



  1. Wonerful, congratulaions to your group,what a great competition and everyone's work so lovely.

  2. The craft work is beautiful. What a lovely competition.
    Kathy xxx

  3. Well done! great achievement for your team and tough competition also!

  4. Well done - the knitted tortoise is so sweet.

  5. Congratulations, Gill! And the standard was very high, wasn't it? The photos show some excellent work. All you needed was Kirstie to pop her head round the corner and walk away with all of the prizes ...........Lx

  6. Congratulations to you and your team. Best wishes, Pj x

  7. Good stuff - I particularly like the knitted tortoise
    Best wishes