Monday, 1 April 2013

Scavenger Hunt March

Before I start I would just like to say Thank you for your kind messages 
after our sad news.

I struggled  bit with some of this months list
as you will see at the end.

1. Shoes-- 
My daughters new shoes for a job interview
(which she got) Luckily we take the same size.

2. Dessert 
 I had to try it first of course.

3. Gates  
 to Chapelfield Park in Norwich.

4. Green 
 Aldborough Village green

5. Eggs
And lots of them

6. Water
Looking a little muddy at the moment

7. Toys
I used to love these machine when I was little.

8. Bridge
An old railway bridge which is now a footpath.

9. Bubbles
For hands that do dishes.

10. Someone in uniform
Struggled with this one and this was the nearest I could get.

11. Three
3 primrose flowers.

12. Empty
another one I had problems with so here are our empty
veg beds.

Hopefully I will be more organised next month.

See you soon.



  1. First, I'm sorry for your loss...
    I like your photos!I especially enjoyed the bubbles one: the proof that such a horrible chore (hate it) can turn into a beautiful photo! Of course the dessert is delish!

  2. sorry to heard your sad news but I think you've done a brilliant job this month! Well done to your daughter on the new job. I hope April is a better month for you.

  3. Great photos and a big hug to help you through! Suzy x

  4. Great shots - especially like the village green - we don't have those over here - and the gate - stunning.

  5. So sorry to hear your sad news.
    And also congratulations to your daughter for getting the job - no easy task these days.
    I love the gates at Chapelfield and dessert looks delicious!

  6. I just found my way here following the scavenger hunt! Lovely photo's, we seem to live quite close to each other, I went to school in North Walsham (many moons ago). So sorry to see your sad news in the previous post. Jay

  7. Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt, I really like your bubbles nd gate photos. Greenthumb

  8. I really like your person in uniform one, and the dessert looks delicious!

  9. great scavenger hunt photos!
    BH x
    Congrats to your daughter too x

  10. Great pics. I love the bridge and the gates.
    Sorry to hear of your loss.

  11. Hello Gill,
    Great set of pictures, well done! The gate is really unusual and the 'toy' one brings back memories, as I also loved going on these machines as a child on holiday!
    So very sorry for your loss.

  12. How observant of you! I have never noticed how lovely Chapelfield gates are and I must have walked past them hundreds of times! Lovely photos as usual. xCathy

  13. Great photos, I really like the gate one it looks so intricate.