Tuesday, 8 February 2011

blog swap and sunshine.

I know I should have waited until Valentines Day but I can't resist parcels and as my big black cloud has come back to visit me I needed a lift.  

great wrapping with linen trim.


Looks interesting doesn't it

Oh Wow that is so cool

A scarf, a bracelet , chocolate lips and a pretty bird and the  colour is just so me.

All thanks to Jenny at Red House

A lovely walk in the sunshine with the dogs.

Then home to find this in the garden.

 Spring has arrived well for a day at least.



  1. Never give up on beating that big black cloud my dear! Thank you so much for your kind comments. xxxx

  2. Oh Gill, so sorry you`re feeling a little down but take heart..spring`s just around the corner and you`re lucky your daffies are nearly out - ours are well and truly closed shut for the time being - it`s been baltic here for the last couple of days and it was even snowing yesterday!
    Your little parcel of goodies looks lovely and I love the colours too. My swap partner is in Oz, so goodness knows when she`ll get my parcel and vice versa! Chin up and have a good week. x

  3. Wow that mug is just lovely, lucky you! I hope your black cloud lifts soon xx

  4. A knitted mug? Won't the tea ooze out? LOL!
    It's lovely and the sun did shine today, hope it bucked you up a lot!
    Take care,
    Sandie xx

  5. What a really nice swap parcel, Love the cup.
    We could do with some sunshine and warmth I think to lift us all..x

  6. Oooh, that really is a 'sumptuous' colour! We need more sun and less rain at the moment - but that daf is a good sign!


  7. Some lovely bits there, I love that cup! Spring is just round the corner now, hold on in there!
    Kandi x