Friday, 18 February 2011

Monthly makes

I know this isn't strictly a monthly make but it is what I have spent most of my spare time doing over the last month so I am counting this as my monthly make.

When eldest daughter moved out we gained a spare room.
These are the before pictures. It hadn't been decorated since she was at highschool and she is 25 now.

Here are the after pictures .

I love this wall paper.

I found this picture in Shepton Mallet and knew it would go perfectly.

A great girly light, you can tell Mr T didn't have much say in this can't you.

I couldn't bear to paint over this.

And a place for my charity shop finds.

I now have a guest bedroom for the first time and just in time for our first guests of the year.



  1. What an amazing transformation! It looks absolutely gorgeous - what a makeover, what a monthly make!

  2. Wow it's incredible, it's the best Monthly Make I've seen so far!
    Kandi x

  3. I love EVERYTHING about that room (I`ve got one just like the `before` pics with exactly the same time-frame!)- you`ve certainly inspired me to get going with the paintbrush, Gill and I`m glad you didn`t cover up those adorable little butterflies and fairies.

  4. How wonderful, I hope your guests enjoy the peace and tranquillity in the room you have transformed. Sue x

  5. Such a difference, I love makeovers.

  6. what a lovely transformation, i love the wallpaper too and i especially like that you left the artwork that your daughter drew.....

    your guests will be so pleased!!!

  7. Hi Gill got my parcel , thanks so much what a bunch of treats can I do a post on them? thought I'd better check with you first. Have a great weekend! jennyx

  8. It looks fantastic! What a fabulous monthly make! :) x

  9. Wow! I LOVE it Gill!
    When can I come and stay?????

    Love that wallpaper...belle!
    Well done you hun
    Karen x x x