Friday, 25 February 2011

Return to Childhood Haunts

As a child I spent many happy hours on the beaches of South Devon but haven't actually been back since I was 16 (a long time ago).  So today I returned to one of those childhood haunts where my Gran used to drink tea on the beach out of proper china and would have Devon ice cream with clotted cream on the top. 

This is where we went.

With lovely coloured houses looking out to sea.

Fathers and Daughters walk along the sea front.

And the trains go right along the coast.

 As a child I always looked to see the trains as my Gran's brothers were train drivers and would sound the horn if they knew we were there.

The cliffs are so red.

And the houses are old.

Well this one is anyway.

The streets are narrow.

And the river runs through the centre of town.

The weather wasn't as nice as I remember and the beach wasn't as big but it is a lovely old fashioned seaside town and I can see why it was my Mum's and Gran's favourite.

To change the subject

I have been counting down for a couple of weeks now and my  100th  post is coming up so it is nearly time for a giveaway.  I won't tell you now what it is going to be but I will give you a clue.

See you in a few days.



  1. I soooo love Dawlish - thank you for the lovely pictures of my favourite place xx

  2. What lovely memories, I bet your pleased to be able to revisit it. Sue Xx

  3. What a lovely town! It must be so nice to go on a train journey along by the sea front there and the cliffs are a lovely shade of red! :) x

  4. I also spent many a sunny day on the beaches in South Devon,when I was little.
    And my grandad was a train driver with the GWR!
    Shame the sun didn't shine for you on your visit to Dawlish but I hope you had a good time!

  5. I love Dawlish, lots of charity shops too !!
    Will look foward to the giveaway
    Sue x