Friday, 22 July 2011

A mixed bag

Well my dears, I've been spending money this week.
I went to Amazon and got a couple of books that I liked the look of
to add to my library of crafts books. I haven't told MrT yet and he won't notice them in the bunch.
Is that too naughty?

Then I went to Kandi Pandis shop on  Folksy and got myself one of her Mini Hexi kits (Thank you Lisa) so I can give patchwork a go----again.  

Then I sat down at my sewing machine with my new Adele CD and 
heres my Monthly Makes.

A new notebook cover from a damage table cloth,

Then a couple of washbags and lunch bags for my Folksy shop.
(Link button on the side) 

I love this pattern, 

Then last night was the main expense.

This was were I went

This was who I went to see.
Do you know who it is yet?

This is what we paid for , certainly to start.

Well this is what three of my friends and I spoilt ourselves with.

We started at about 6 o'clock with a couple of cocktails before heading off to Norwich City
football ground to have a three course meal consisting of recipes from his new book of Spanish cooking.
The first course was a crab tartlet which was fantastic.
Then we had Chicken in a super almond sauce
and finished with a flan and sherry and raisin ice-cream.

My photo aren't great (well I did have wine as well as cocktails.)

This is as close as I got I'm afraid but we did get a talk which was quite good.

But look who else was there talking to a couple of my friends,
well it is her restaurant.
It was one of those experiences that you just have to take when they come along 
if you want to live life to the full
and I had a great time.

So here is my Plant of the week (I love Holyhocks)  to wish you all a great weekend 
and hope you all manage to live life to the full.



  1. I do the exact same thing with my purchases! I have the first book and I love it! great makes :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Lovely makes, those lunch bags are far too nice to stick in my stinky work fridge!
    I really love the look of that book at the top, another one to add to my wishlist!
    Thanks for the shout out too
    Kandi x

  3. Layered, tattered and stitched looks fab, think I need that one ;o)

    B xxx

  4. I too have Ruth Rae's book, it is very inspiring, I am looking forward to adding some text to my work soon! Heather x

  5. Wow. What a great week.
    Well done.
    The meal sounds wonderful.

  6. Wow - lucky you. Rick and Delia together at Carrow Road! Sounds like a wonderful evening. I love hollyhocks too but for some reason I can't grow them!

  7. The lunchbags are fab! Just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for my unbirthday parcel - it is lovely!
    Jo x

  8. I seem to have missed a whole lot of your posts... Looks like you've had a wonderful time... Does anyone tell there O.H about all there purchase? if they ask, we've had them for ages :)
    Sue xXXX