Saturday, 2 July 2011

June scavenger hunt

Oops! A couple of days late with this, never mind here are my photos.

1) The view from my front door.

 2) Buckets and spade, a huge part of my childhood

3) The cutlery from a girly lunch.

4) Seen in the window of Waterstones. 
definitely begins with Z

5) One of the Elephants left over from the Elephant Trail in Norwich a coulee of years ago.

6) This is the Town sign put up in 2000.

7) Cheese for lunch in my fun cheese dish.

8) My apple tree.

9) The Royal Arcade in Norwich.

10) Farm animals 

11) I could have used this for the view from my house as this was taken from my front door.

12) I struggled with this one but settled on our old wheel barrel.

Next months list is out already so better get started.



  1. Great photos and I love your cheese dish. Never done this before , but it does look fun so think I maight have to have a go. Where do I sign up please?

  2. Everything is great but I love the view from your front door.

  3. Lovely photo,s the view from your front door at night is gorgeous, dee x

  4. Love your photos . I'm so jelous of where you live. We love Norfolk and being so close to the sea must be wonderful.
    Jacquie x

  5. I love the nighttime picture :)

    I am hoping to make a start on the July list today - have a short month due to hols.

  6. I love the cheese dish :)
    Sue Xxx

  7. I love the fun cheese dish! Love the buckets and spades too, a nice colourful photo!

  8. Really nice photos. I've been catching up with a few of the scavenger hunt pics and it's fascinating to see the different ideas people have. Lovely blog, by the way and now following xxx

  9. Such a loely blog, and the cheese dish is adorable, I have one hiding in the cupboard, not the same but still cute and one day I might blog it. Why do we hide things in cupboards, :)