Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back and Raring to go.

Having got myself back together again and finished all the decorating( with lots of help from my wonderful daughter) in time for Christmas, I was dreading spending Christmas in a half finished kitchen with plaster walls. Mr T runs a mile everytime I produce a paint brush but he did get his drill out for the curtains and shelves so it looked great ready for my open house on Christmas Eve.
We had a lovely family Christmas and I'm ready to start the New Year determined to have a more positive attitude to life but also to learn to say "no' sometimes so I don't put myself under too much stress. I can't cope with that anymore.

So as a good start to my new year I have signed up for the monthly makes again with Annie the felt fairy.

I did this last year but sometimes forgot to take photos of what I made before it went on to pastures new. I have signed up to be the administrator for the month of May ( my birthday month) which should be different.
I love looking at the photos on Flickr to see what other people where getting up to.

 I have also signed up for The Craft Box with LaaLaa,
This sounds like great fun, we start off with a box of craft bits from LaaLaa and it gets sent around to the people who have signed up. As it goes around we take out what we like but must put the same amount of items back in before sending it on. 

Then theres the Photo Scavenger hunt with 
This again is something I did last year and I loved it. It became a real family game trying to find photos of the 12 items on that month list.

Did I say something about not taking on too much.

Can I just finish by saying a sincere Thank You to everyone for the Christmas cards and kind thoughts I received on the lead up to Christmas, it helped me fight the anxiety and panic that had come over me and me made realise that I should continue Blogging as it is such a great community spirit with so many kind and thoughtful people out there. 

Speak soon and have a great weekend.



  1. Hi Gill, great to hear your positive start to the year, keep it up! jennyx

  2. I signed up for the Monthly Make!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad that you are feeling better. Can we see photos of the kitchen?

  4. Good to hear you are feeling better ;-)) Sounds like you are going to be busy this year ;-)) I have signed up to Laalaa's travel swap to sounds like great fun. dee x

  5. Happy New Year. Sounds like you might be as busy as me!

  6. Sounds like you are raring to go for the new year...Blessings from me...

  7. Glad to see you back in Blogland ... :0)

  8. Good on you, always good to be a 'nice' busy.

  9. Welcome back gill.
    Happy new year.

  10. Glad the Christmas break re-charged your batteries - your resolution sounds a bit like mine! Good luck for 2012 - hope it's a good year for you. Cathy x.