Friday, 20 January 2012

Monthly Make Jan

 I actually made this months make a couple of weeks ago
 but as it was for a friends birthday I had to wait until after she had opened.
I've had the fabric for a few months just waiting for inspiration. The strap and buckle
was in my Mum's workbox and I think it finishes it off nicely.

I had a small amount of the fabric left, which was just a remnant,
and Mr T got a new Kindle for Christmas so I made him a slip cover out of what was left.
More manly than most of my fabric.

I had to make something for myself as well didn't I.
My old shoes trees were looking very tatty so I gave them a face lift.
I didn't mean to use the same fabric on both but got them muddled up
so just put different ribbon on.

So that's my Monthly Make.

Now to introduce you to the newest member of the family.

This is Poppet.  We don't know how old she is but not very I don't think.
She adopted my Son a couple of months ago and
 as every effort to trace her owners failed she has stayed with him.
To say he is besotted is an understatement which is strange as we have always been dog people.
She is so cute though.

I hope you all have a good weekend.



  1. Poppet is a really poppet! Your monthly makes are wonderful, what a fab makeover of your shoe trees, never thought of doing that before now!

  2. Hi it's amazing how sometimes pets just find you!! jennyx

  3. poppet is a real poppet. so cute. love the makes.

  4. Lovely makes. Poppet is so cute - cats have a way of knowing who will look after them - a lovely addition to your family ... :0)

    1. Cute, cute, cute .... and that's just the shoe trees! No, really, I mean the kitty! Well ... and the shoe trees.