Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A walk with the W.I

This morning I  joined my friend Lynn and her W.I group for one of their regular walks through the Norfolk countryside.

It was such a beautiful morning, the sort I love- cold and crisp-although the drive over was interesting. My old car doesn't like ice.

We started on the village common which looked lovely 
with the hard frost still turning everything  white.

then across the fields to the next village.

Quite a lot of the villages have these post boxes just sat at the corner of a field
I always think it looks a bit incongruous and quirky.

Then back to the fields.
There is a beautiful old Manor house peeping through 
the trees.

Through the farm yard.

A fellow blogger taking her photos.
Actually it's Lynn from Lavender linen and Lace
who writes about these walks for the W.I members and their families.

Then back through the lanes 

past a frozen pond before finishing at the coffee shop.

The first Aconites I have seen this year in the garden of the coffee shop.

I'm thinking of joining this W.I group as they are very craft orientated 
and certainly the ladies I met this morning where lovely.

Next time I'll show off my monthly makes.



  1. What a gorgeous walk....I love seeing the frost over the fields!
    Tilly x

  2. Where were you? That post box looks suspiciously like the one on the corner of Middle Hill, Aldborough. Glad to see that you're out and about.

  3. That looks beautiful, I've been out for a walk at lunchtime today and it was delightful with the frost.
    A coffee shop at the end of the walk must have been a welcome relief.
    Kandi x

  4. Looks a lovely thing to do - can't wait till I can manage some longer walks again.

    1. I always wonder how many letters those postboxes in the middle of nowhere atually get! Two or three a week? Lovey walk!

  5. Wonderful walk - I love frosty mornings for walking, so bracing! ... :0)