Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finished Projects

Remember this, my old kitchen which was ripped out in October.

Well as I said in my last post the new one is finished 
and as requested here are the latest photos. Sorry it's not very tidy but I have better things to do than tidy up all the time don't you.

The empty alcove will have a dresser or something in it when we find something we like
 but there is no rush.

Even the pantry had a makeover.

My other finished project this week was my wall hanging.
This was an online course I did with Madness and Mess called "the road to my house"
I have had great fun doing this and my machine embroidery improved dramatically by the end.
The writing says "the road to my house is not always straight but is always paved with fabulous friends and wonderful places"
That just about says it all I think.

Have a great  weekend.



  1. I do hope the whisks fitted in with the colour scheme...............
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Oh your kitchen is looking fabulous! The colours you have chosen for the walls is perfect and I love the light above the table.
    I really love the hanging too I need to make something similar it's gorgeous.
    Kandi x

  3. Beautiful. I bet you are thrilled. And what do you mean not looks great to me!!

  4. Looks fantastic,I would kill for your cooker lol,I really love your hanging,I have not had a go at this yet as it is daunting but yours looks wonderful.

  5. Lovely....the kitchen & the embroidery! Very inspiring :)

  6. aahh your kitchen looks lovely and so fresh. The embroidery is lovey well done you ;-)) dee x

  7. A new kitchen! How lucky! Could I use your wall hanging pic on my blog? I'm very proud of what you've done and would like to show you off! (you were a very good student!)
    Carole :)