Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alone again.

Well eldest daughter has gone home again so it's back to just me and Mr T
although not for long as I will have all three children in Norfolk in 3 weeks.

We have had a great time together but I have got out of the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me so not many photos I'm afraid
 ( or thank goodness  depending on how you feel about my photography).

Now the sun has arrived we have been able to use our new 
garden furniture and have lunch outside.
Do you like my mini bunting?
I made it last year to use for decorating presents
and in the usual way put it somewhere safe until Christmas.

I found it a couple of weeks ago while looking for something else,
which of course I still haven't found.
Please tell me I'm not the only one his happens too.

Yesterday we went fruit picking so I now have a freezer full of Raspberries 
and a fridge full of Strawberries- with cream, ice-cream
or just sugar. 
Which is your favourite?
Coming from good 
West Country stock it has to be cream for me.

Also this week I have had a couple of Swaps on the go.
It was my turn for the 
Travelling Craft Box, organised by the wonderful

I didn't take any photo's of it so It doesn't spoil the surprise for the next person
but it was great fun. It arrived at 7am (thank you Mr postman) so I made a coffee
and took it back to bed to savour opening it.

If you are on the list but haven't received it yet you are in for a treat.

The box came to me from Gill at the Vintage Gardener and 
this lovely lady put a few surprises in the box especially for me
which I had to open first.
she makes these fabulous labels from lovely vintage garden ephemera
and I was lucky enough to get a pack of these,

along with  the pretty blue fabrics in the background and
a  notebook covered with flowers and this pretty
charm as the page maker.
Thank you Gill they are lovely.

The box has been sent on to the Wendy at the crafters Apprentice
and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

The other swap that arrived this week was the jar swap 
this one organised by Katie at 

I was paired with first time swapper
Eileen at  In My Playroom who appears to have got the hang of it very quickly
as my jar was packed with all sorts of wonderful things.
Lots of buttons and threads, pins and feathers

but my favourite is these Dorset buttons in 
a pretty baby blue.

Thank you Eileen.

Well the olympics starts tomorrow and I'm one of the lucky people 
to have got tickets so I'll let you know how it all goes.

Must remember my camera.



  1. Wow, lovely long post, Gill. Hope you can have a few days to yourself in the sun before the fsamily arrive home.

    Aren't those vintage seed packets beautiful? I used to try and draw them to make cross-stitch patterns up, in my cross-stitching days.

    Now, I prefer raspberries to strawbs(though I wouldn't turn my nose up!) and yes, I'd go with cram like you, preferably clotted, just to compound the sin!

    Hope all goes well for your Olympic trip, enjoy!

  2. Well, you got lots of lovely pictures in here, despite not taking your camera around! Have a great time at the Olympics. Clotted cream every time for me! xCathy

  3. Strawberries and Rodda's for me every time. Gorgeous colourful labels and lovely swap goodies! Have a great time at the Olympics ... :0)

  4. I'm a ice-cream girl myself. What lovely goodies you received in the jar swap. Have a super weekend Gill. Love Katie xx