Monday, 30 July 2012

An Amazing day.

I spent all day on Saturday sitting in the middle of a round about in Surrey
having a fantastic time with some of my family watching the Olympic Road race.
The atmosphere was amazing with everyone chatting together and discussing the race.
I have tried to upload a video but Blogger won't let me so 
have a look at some of my photo's.

The Mad Hatter.

Hope your enjoying the Olympics as much as me,
I am so pleased to see how enthusiastic 
the crowds have been.



  1. wow, that looks such fun, shame we didn't medal but thats an olympics for you. i have your swap nearly ready to post to you too. x

  2. How brilliant to be there, sure the atmosphere was great, things to remember forever. x

  3. Yes, once all the rubbish about tickets and sponsorship wrangles....throughly despicable and NOT what the games are seems we all remembered to be proud and pleased and supportive! Looks like you had an ace time!

  4. We went to the Olympic football last weekend, it was amazing!

    Just loving all things London 2012 at the moment.