Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Walk in the woods

Remember I told you that I had joined a W.I. group 
 about 5 miles away in my friends village. 

Every other Tuesday is WI. walking group day
and today we went to the woods were I walk my dogs. 
Some of the ladies didn't know the woods and
 the others hadn't been here for many years so I was leading the way.

 Fortune favours the brave as the rain held off until we finished
 and got back to the car.

 Half way along we stopped at the 
the old canal,

They have been clearing the water which had become
so overgrown with reeds that I had no idea
this large turning pool was even there.

The old mill over looks it all. It would be lovely
to have an apartment here- if they ever
do anything with it.

Time to stand and stare

The woods are described as ancient and
 the size of the large Oak in the centre proves it.
I would love to know how old it is.

At the end  of the walk it was back to mine for coffee and cake
but I forgot to take photos of the cakes before we ate them.

One up side of all the rain is that I'm doing alot of sewing 
and finishing off some half completed projects.
I had loads of fabrics squares cut out with the intention of making 
a patchwork at some time.
Well that time was today, i stitched them all together and 
gave a very spoilt Labrador a new bed.

Within 30 seconds she was trying it out for size.

I hope you are all having a good week.

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Why not pop over and have a look.

See you soon.



  1. Hi Gill, thanks for the comment. So glad you liked the patchwork and congrats on yours it looks great. What a lucky pooch!

  2. What a lucky dog! I'm just about ready to post on the Travelling Craft Box, can you let me have your address so I can send it on its way. My email is:- gillian.james@virgin.net

  3. Lucky Dog indeed!Your walk look very refreshing and glad the rain held off for you.....which is more than be said for oop north!!!Heartily sick of it now!

  4. What a lucky dog to have a wonderful quilt
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Hi Gill, my friend Lynne K (one of the Stitch and Bitchers) has been a long-time WI Walker and I am so tempted...it would do me a lot of good, I think! Glad you get through before the rain began!

  6. Glad the rain held off for your walk. Best wishes, Pj x