Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Before I tell you about my trip to Kent on Sunday I just have to get something off my chest. I am absolutely furious both with myself and with the little Muncher that has totally stripped my gooseberry bushes. Not just one but two totally bare,not a berry left, I can't believe it. I know I should have covered them up but I have a whole list of excuses. I was really looking forward to eating them although Mr T will be delighted, he hates them.

OK rant over, (I feel better for that)let me tell you about Sunday

Well as you can see it was Brother-in-laws 50th and our nieces 21st birthday party. So we arrived from all over the South East and had a BBQ. Luckily the weather was kind to us even if a little chilly at times.

It didn't seem to bother Simba who found so many people all too much.None of my children could make it but it was nice to see all the nephews with there girlfriends and my niece with her new boyfriend who was rather nice.

The sentiment on this little wall hanging I thought was so true, and at the risk of sounding gushing, reminded me of our blogging community.

I had to drop Mr T at Stanstead on the way home, he was being picked up and taken into the wilds of Essex for a training course, so we left fairly early, but this meant we saw some interesting vehicles on the way. I love the old American car (don't know what type it is) we passed on the M25.


Now this one I do know, It is one of the first Police bikes. They used to call them Noddy Bikes and my Dad used to ride one when he was a Policeman.

It is always nice to see this sign. When the children were young we always used to cheer when we drove past it and I find myself still doing it even when I'm in the car on my own like this time.

Before i go I just had to show you this photo Mr T took in Derbyshire last week. He assure me it is real. I think it's great.

Speak again soon.


  1. I love the little cheer when you enter Nofolk - we are exactly the same when we pass the sighn for Lancashire - no I can imagine people all over the country cheering away at county signs - we are such a strange nation! ;~)


  2. I shall ask my dad if he ever rode a Noddy bike - he was a policeman too.
    Sorry to hear about your gooseberries - that happened to ours once and I never could figure out whodunnit. Pigeons probably.

  3. That sheep is so cute:)
    Simba looks about as energetic as my Daisy dog in this hot weather!