Monday, 21 June 2010

I did it.

This Saturday was when I had to complete my sporting challenge of completing the Great East Swim. For those who have joined me recently (Welcome by the way) My surfer son set me a challenge of swimming a mile in open water with him and his sister, little one. They are both RNLI beach lifeguards. Unfortunately Surfer Son is quite poorly at the moment and couldn't do it, but after weeks of training my time had come.

The weather wasn't good with heavy showers and gusty winds on the drive to Ipswich and I was getting very nervous.
When we got there however the sun was shining and there were people everywhere.

My transport was certainly turning some heads.

As were my fellow travellers/ competitors. My little one is in the middle.

My first glimpse of the water and it looked very cold but actually it wasn,t. The photo's aren't wonderful. Put it down to nerves. we had to swim out around the big yellow buoys and back.

Just as we were about to start the black clouds started gathering again and as I approach the 1/4 mile buoy the wind really whipped up the water and the rain was so heavy that I couldn't see the next buoy but at least it made the water even warmer. Once the rain stopped it was just a case of keeping in a straight line and not drifting off, which of course we were all doing. It was certainly different from swimming in a pool.

I finished in 45minutes and 18seconds and raised nearly £200 for the RNLI which I am chuffed with, but if you think your going to see a picture of me in wetsuit, swimming hat and googles, forget it. I do have some self respect left, all be it not much.

I wanted a go on this when we finished but apparently I am too old, can you imagine that.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the family party in Kent on Sunday. I had a busy weekend.

I understand that a lady lost her life at the swim on Saturday and my sympathy and thoughts are with her family.


  1. Well done you! What an amazing thing to do...I would have been scared stiff! I can imagine it was an amazing feeling once you had completed it! So sorry to hear of the tragedy though, such sad news. xxx

  2. What an achievement, you must be so pleased with yourself! Its really sad that someone died there though how sad.
    Kandi x

  3. Well done on a great job Gill - looks very challening particularly when you show up in a lifeguard truck with lifeguard tshirt wearing supporters (no pressure...!) Awful that it was tinged with the sad accident - you did a great job though raising all that money and swimming through all that rain, lots of claps and hugs for you, L xox PS And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It's surprising how many people find salvation in something as simple as sewing!

  4. Well done you! How 'agist' re- the rock wall!
    Sorry to hear about the fellow swimmers' demise.
    Sandie xx

  5. Hello Gill, You were the first to post on the pay it forward post I did this morning(sorry I was running around like a mad women today) So I shall indeed be sending you a gift in the post. Please can you e-mail me your address.
    Well done on doing the swim, how very brave of you. Shame you couldn't have a go on the climbing wall, hehe..x

  6. Well done you! Sea swimming is not easy.

    Cool ride too!

  7. Well done!
    I read the sad news about that poor lady - she was only 35. So sad.

  8. Wow well done! Brilliant achievement- I know I couldn't do it!!
    Tamzin x

  9. Congratulations! ... :0)

    Shirl x