Sunday, 13 June 2010

My weeks efforts.

A real mixed bag today so I hope you can stay with me as it doesn't flow so well.
Anyway I met up with my friend Mrs G during the week for a coffee and a chat in Holt, which is becoming a regular thing for us. We then go to a lovely little shop called Pied Piper which have a fantastic selection of fabrics so of course I had to have a few bits.

Then I was reading Ma and Me's blog and found out that Five valley were closing and having a sale. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that, so here are my purchases from there. One piece at least is going to be made into a neck support for my Mum I think.

While I was waiting at the airport in Brisbane(sorry for the namedropping), I brought a copy of Australian Homespun magazine to read on the way home. It was great as I got 2 mags for the price of one and had geat fun reading them on the way home. It was a good job I hadn't found any of the shops in the adverts while I was still in Oz It would have cost me a fortune in excess baggage. Any way I finally got around to making something from it this week as I have had so much else going on, so this is flopsy and I think she is really sweet.

I have also managed to do a bit more felting this week and have had a go at adding some embroidery. I quite pleased with my new place mat.

I not a very enthusiastic cook but I do make my own Marmalade and this week was the latest batch, complete with pretty tops so they look nice on the pantry shelf.

For weeks now I have been telling Mr T that the phone was playing up, except of course it didn't when he was about, did it, which meant it must have been me. Well this week it packed up and we had no phone, and did I say I told you so, of course I did. Anyway My little one said that she had a phone she had used at Uni and we could use that instead of buying a new one. Gosh it's amazing how quick a man will get his wallet out when he has to talk into a pair of Bratz purple plastic lips.



  1. Love the Bratz phone!
    Lucky you to visit Holt, such a great little town.

  2. You have been busy. The bunny is really cute. Love all the fabric. Now you will have to find more things to do!

  3. oooh, fabric heaven! love your make - and the phone...I can't see why on earth Mr T wouldn't find it adorable! hehehe


  4. What a busy bunny you've been - brilliant makes. And wonderful fabric.

    (I've just spent 20 minutes window-shopping at Five Valley Designs - managed to tear myself away without spending anything! My husband - and my bursting fabric drawers - will be most relieved) :o)
    PS I love your floppy pink bunny

  5. Hi Gill,
    What a fun "mixed bag"! I really adore your new fabrics! They're beautiful, what will you make?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I sure hope you're right and that my new friend and I will grow a lasting friendship. Friends make your day a little brighter and I believe you can never have too many!

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh How funny! Poor man! We have our ways don't we? Gorgeous fabrics. You're so lucky to live near Holt I dream of living there one day. Thanks for your kind comments. I love hearing from you. Big hugs, Amanda xxx