Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I love surprises don't you? as long as they are good ones of course. Well I've had 2 this week.
The first one was when my friend LB came for coffee and brought me this from Gisela Graham .
, as she thought I might like it. She thought right.

Then when I got back from walking the dogs this little package was waiting for me. I had won a giveaway from Muddle Puddle Crafts faccebook page but wasn't expecting it so soon.

A new keyring for my car keys and I love the colours.Thank you Jo.
If you haven't read her blog pop along, her stuff is great.

A good start to my day. hope you have a good one too.



  1. Oooh how lovely! I love getting stuff throught the post that is not bills.
    Kandi x