Thursday, 1 July 2010

All working again.

Hoorah my computer is back. It had been corrupted apparently and I thought it was such a nice law abiding computer.
So in celebration of it's return from the dark side I have some photos of my travels this week.
Firstly, Poppies everywhere. The ones along this country lane looked lovely althoough I'm sure my photo really doesn't do it justice.

This reminds me of the old flake advert.

Then I went to Blickling Hall near Aylsham to buy this for my garden.

When I arrived I found they had a Textile Art Exhibition and sale on, so I had to have a look and it is free admission which is even better. The work was amazing and filled 2 rooms.

There was a lady working on the panel below. She had torn strips of japanese handmade paper and laid some on the canvass which had a light painted background. She was then putting piece of old lace on the caanvass which she said she would build up with stitching etc. The exhibition is on Wed to Sun 10am to 5pm until
the 19th so I might go back and see how it's going.

To finish, this rose is called Edith Holden and is a new addition to my garden. I just love the colour, it is so unusual.

Speak again soon.


  1. Poppies are gorgeous. Sounds like an interesting visit to Blickling Hall. I love your new rose: very unusual ... :0)

    Shirl x

  2. Every time I see poppies I just think of the Monet painting!
    I would have loved to have taken a peek at the textile fair too!

  3. Hi Gill and welcome back - you just can't trust computers can you? They can be so fickle! Glad you're back and your computer's behaving itself.

    Your pics are so pretty - poppies are such sweet flowers, particularly when there are so many of them. Your garden looks like a little haven. Hope you get the chance to enjoy it this weekend, L xox

  4. Just chanced upon your blog. Love the piccies of poppies. We have friends who live in Norfolk so I know Blickling Hall quite well. Textile exhibition sounds v interesting.

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back!!