Friday, 2 July 2010

A mixed Day

I woke this morning and found this beauty in flower, I don't even remember planting it. The colour is so rich I love it.

Then I took Mr t to Ludham bridge on the Broads as he is spending the day with "the Boys" from work on this lovely old cruiser. I think it is more of a booze cruise than anything else.

Beautiful day for it though.

Next to were I parked the car I noticed this little shop called Rags'n'Rocks.

Inside is a delightful mix of Fabrics and ready made items.The Ladies and Gent who I assume do all the work also sit in the shop which I thought gave it a bit more interest. They were so welcoming as well so if you are reading this ladies(which they said they would) thank you and it was great to meet you.

Quilting equipment and Quilts everywhere, as well as a great selection of handmade jewellery and handmade gifts. A great little shop and an unexpected find.

This is my favourite, I just love these with such a mix of fabrics

This is the perfect place for these nautical style cushions right next to the water and boat yards.

And you can sit and have a coffee which is what I should have done,

Instead I thought I should go and see my Mum. The trouble was I really wasn't feeling up to it, I had (and still have)a headache and the nearer I got to Cromer the worse it got.
Mum used to be a very independent, strong and active lady, then 18 months ago she had a massive stroke and has been in a nursing home ever since. I am the only member of the family who lives near enough to visit on a regular basis and I do that at least twice a week.The trouble is I'm finding it more and more difficult
to keep the chatter up and be cheerful.
This morning I just couldn't face it so came home instead. Then,of course, the guilt sets in, what an awful daughter I am.
So now I'm sitting here with a rotten headache, feeling guilty and depressed. I'll go tomorrow and hopefully Mr T will come with me to help with the conversation.


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  1. Awww gill you needn't feel guilty. Of course you're not awful - you're brilliant for going and sitting and chatting.

    My gran was in hospital for months and my mum used to go and see her each week - it was so draining for Mum - I could hardly bring myself to go and see Gran at all as she wasn't herself anymore. It must be so exhausting for you to keep it jolly and positive.

    I hope you're feeling a bit better today; go and admire that beautiful beautiful flower in your garden and look at the moon :o) L xox