Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Repaired at last.

This lovely old beach /directors chair is one of a pair I bought at a church sale a while back. This one as you can see needed a new seat but it was one of those jobs I never seemed to get around to.

Well no more. Mr T is away in Essex on a course for a couple of weeks and my time is my own( well nearly), so I got the fabric out of the trunk and got on with it. it only took 30mins in the end.

The canvas fabric I bought on E-bay a couple of years ago to make a Hammock, until it was pointed out to me that we don't have anywhere to hang one and by the time we grew the trees I would be too old to get in it. I was so disappointed but just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the fabric.

Only 7 1/2 yards left now but I have a few ideas.

Last but not least for today is my favourite flower in bloom in my garden this week.

It's an Echinacea( I think that hows it's spelt)and ithas a green centre with those very fine petals I think it is lovely.

Speak soon and have fun.



  1. Gill that is beautiful! Well done you.
    Kandi x

  2. Wow what a transformation! Looks gorgeous!
    Tamzin X

  3. That chair looks so much better - I love the fabric you used!

  4. Beautiful fabric, very bright and cheerful.

    Shirl x