Saturday, 24 July 2010

What happened?

When I logged on today my background had disappeared and i can't seemed to get it back. any idea what happened? has anyone else had this problem? there was a photobucket logo but I don't know where it came from. Help what is happening?


  1. A few days ago my background came up with a message that it was going to disappear on Friday! I fortunately have a clever son who has made my own up for me! so no-one can remove it, and it's personal to me...

  2. Hi Gill
    Was going to say that I noticed one or two blogs I follow with that message on. Whether they are updating or pulling out altogether I don't know, but there are quite afew other sites out there to sign up with or why not just use one of bloggers new designs, thats where mine comes from.
    Absolutely great to meet you Friday and yes I would like to repeat it perhaps in the Autumn!
    Good luck with the blog
    Jenny x

  3. Gill if you are using The Cutest Blog on the Block for your background, I believe they are having issues at the moment - I`m using Bloggers New Template Designer too and so far no problems.

  4. Hi Gill~
    Gah! Technical difficulties, blast them! I'm not much in the way of computer-fix-it's... if there's a problem that can't be solved with a few clicks, I'm helpless. Good luck my friend!

    Thanks for popping in, I've been wanting to come over and see your blog for a while, and this was my first chance! I like it (even without the background!), I'm going to go read more posts!

    Have a great day!

    p.s. I want to see your glamourous new haircut! oxo!

  5. Hi. so glad I have found your blog - just the mixture of creativity and joy-in-the-everyday that I love! As for the background, I'm not a computery person I'm afraid, but I use shabbyblogs for my background and have not had any trouble so far. By the way, love the stone carving! I used to run teams of stonemasons for a living!

  6. My background did that too and then it came back?
    Hope all is good with you, how did your dress making go, have you made it yet?
    Looks like you had a great day out with your niece..Em x