Saturday, 24 July 2010


Yesterday was the Peterborough Bloggers meet and it was great but I'll leave the others to tell you about the actual meeting. I want to show you what I did before going to the tea rooms.
I had never been to Peterborough before and wasn't sure what to expect.
There was a good modern shopping mall but as I was wandering around trying to find the meeting place I found some fantastic buildings.

The first one to impress me was their Pizza Express.

Then this crooked arch lead you through

to the Cathedral Close which was glorious in the sunshine.

Even in 1779 they had graffiti.

I love these archways. They give you just a glimpse of what lies behind making you want to see more but then putting a up Private sign to spoil your fun.

The front of the Cathedral looks very impressive and inside they even had the organ playing.

I'm not sure if this is an old buttermarket or not but it was nice in this pedestrain area with seating in front of it.

This is the Tea Rooms that Jenny (winnibriggs) had picked, looks lovely doesn't it. Right next to the Cathedral.

and so to the main event and my new friends.

A great day out and well worth the drive from Norfolk.

Speak again soon


  1. Hi Gill, great photos but no words! I`m not getting any of your text when I scroll down your page. Is that York? and who are the ladies in the photo at the bottom?

  2. just ignore last post - its all good now - and Peterboroughs lovely!:Lovin the new pink!

  3. I missed this post did that happen???
    If you had had more time hun I could've taken you round the back of the cthedral for some fab goodies.....
    maybe another day!
    any excuse for another slab of cake n a coffee, that's what I say!
    Karen x x x