Tuesday, 20 July 2010

No more excuses

I had a long list of things to finish before I felt justified in starting my new project of my dress and jacket and today was the day I had set aside to do them-SO.

These have been made for eldest daughter who is arriving tomorrow to collect her bottom drawer and bedroom furniture. She is setting up her own house with her boyfriend in Exeter and has a trunk full of retro stuff in her bedroom. I saw these fabrics in my favourite charity shop so thought another couple of cushions are always handy. So that's job no.1 done.

These 2 have been finished and packed up ready to send off. They are for Dolly Donations which send dolls to orphanages in Haiti and I had fun making them from one of the patterns they supply . If you want to know more then just give them a visit. Job no.2 done.

Next was finishing these great pen rolls for my 2 little nieces. The original tutorial is for crayon roll which I got from here but I tweeked it slightly so they have washable felt pens and a little note book. My little one rather fancies one as well but that will have to wait. Job no.3 done.

I love these hangers and decided I wanted one but I haven't picked up a crochet hook since I was about 10. The tutorial is Here . So first a book, "first crochet" by Lesley Stanfield, then a trip to my fav CS again for some odd balls of wool, I have all my Mums kit which has a hook of every size and make. After a fews days I got into the swing of things and voila my own hanger. I'm so pleased with myself and have found I love hooking,it's very addictive isn't it. Anyway,job 4 done.

I can't show you the next one as it was finishing my vintage swap for Sandie's Patch, but that is all now packed and ready to go. Job 5 done.

So the only thing left to do was sit in the garden with a cup of tea and a magazine admiring my lovely lillies. Tomorrow is the big day, does it show that I'm nervous about this, the fabric is so beautiful what if i mess it up? Still no more excuses.

Peterborough bloggers meet on friday, can't wait.
Speak soon



  1. You have been busy! I adore the coat hangers, they are incredible!
    Kandi x

  2. Just found you through Claire, another great blog to read!
    Love the cushions, your daughters very lucky, they'd look fab on my bed.
    Really must look harder for retro fabric, I never seem to find any.
    Off for more of a read now.

    Beki xxx

  3. oh my goodness gill you have been busy, i wish i could get that much done in a day!!! i need to make five notebook covers by thursday!!! nothing like leaving it to the last minute...
    can't wait to see the fabric for your dress and jacket i've just bought some fabric to make a maxi dress and i really want to get started but notebooks must come first!!!

  4. How could you possibly mess up your dress and jacket after making such lovely jobs of that little lot - your hanger is especially lovely - I think Shabby Chic Bohemian started a trend when she sent me mine as part of our swap!Well done on yours - I love the colours. I`d love the pattern for your little crayon rolls if you have one - Grandaughter has started to take an interest in crayons and paper so would like to keep everything in one place before she gets to my walls!
    Well done on getting everything done - I`m on hols as from this Friday and the list of `to do`s` is getting longer everyday!

  5. I've just realised the link for the crayon roll doesn't work.http://www.skiptomylou.org/2007/04/25/on-a-roll/this is where you can find it.

  6. What a busy bee you've been and such lovely work ... :0)

    Shirl x

  7. Wow, I'm impressed with what you can achieve in one day! It took me all evening just to repair two trouser hems! All lovely too :)

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