Friday, 28 January 2011


I would like to show you what I've been doing this week but we are decorating our newly acquired guest bedroom so I'm busy making curtains. I have taken  before pictures and hopefully It won't be long before I can show you the finished room.

I did have a day out with my friend Lynn as Mr.T wanted me out of the house, apparently I distract him when he's trying to get on. I'm not complaining, Papering a ceiling is not my idea of fun. So off to Cley we went.

This used to be a harbour at one time. This is one side of the wall

 and this is the other. A bit cold to sit in a pub garden today though.

 I love the brick and flint cottages we have in Norfolk, this one is for sale as well.

 There are these little alleys all over the place.

This is Cley pottery which also sells some beautiful jewellery.

 I love this shop as it has some mouth watering food including Lavender bread and hand made pork pies which Mr .T loves but he is on a diet so no treats for him.

The view over to Wiveton Church before lunch in Holt.

A very pleasant morning in a beautiful village.



  1. No windmill? I stayed in it once, years ago. Love Cley!

  2. Oh I LOVE Cley! Especially that famous lavender bread...yum!
    Glad you enjoyed your day hun
    Did you get my email?

    Karen x x x

  3. Thank you for that little trip, I loved it,I am a lover of everything English so i just thought this was the blog of the day for me...Thank you again.Carole

  4. I love your little virtual tours of parts of the country I`ll probably never get to - thanks Gill. Can`t wait to see your finished room - I desperately need some inspiration for mine!

  5. Looks lovely! One day....

    I think I'd like to make some lavender bread!

    Sandie xx