Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Visiting Friends

Hello my dears.
I made it to Somerset, eventually, having had a flat tyre on the way. Why do these things happen in the worse possible place in the freezing cold and wet?  I did try and change it myself but in the end had to call those nice people from the RAC as I couldn't even loosen the wheel nuts. So an hour and a half later off I went again with the heater going full blast to warm up.

Today my Sister-in-law and I went off to Shepton Mallet a few miles down the road from Frome. I wanted to visit Niki at her shop, Niki writes "Nostalgia at  the Stone House" if you haven't read her blog take a look she has the most beautiful stuff.

Shepton has a lovely old fashioned  High Street which they are trying to rejuvenate at present.

I love baskets.

This is Niki's Shop which sits in the town Square.

 And inside is fab.

Shelves packed full.

 I love this set.

Just down the road is Woo Hoo who has some fantastic retro clothes.

 Then over the road is "Peppers" cafe and Deli who do Carrot cake to die for.

I will be back.



  1. Lovely - that looks like my kind of high street!

  2. I have green eyes now LOL!
    One day I WILL make it to Nostalgia @ No 1 !

    Sandie xx

  3. wow! that looks like a fabulous place to do a spot of shopping! Glad you made it in the end. x

  4. Hi Gill, It was lovely to meet you and your sister-in-law, and thank you very much for the mention and lovely photos on your blog. Thank you for being so kind about Shepton too.
    I was talking to Zoe today, from Woo Hoo about the little doll that you have taken a photo of in her boutique (Think they are called Bradley dolls) - I was saying to her how I had always wanted one when I was little...but for some reason my Mum wasn't keen for me to have one.
    Zoe's one looks perfect accessorising her lovely shop.

    Hope you had a fab holiday,
    Niki :)