Saturday, 22 January 2011

Monthly Makes

Well Mr.T are on our own again as my Little one has gone on her travels again, this time to Thailand and all points east for 2 and a half months.  There are 3 girls going together this time which I must admit relieves my worries a great deal as originally she was going to go on her own and that worried me silly.

Anyway on to my Monthly makes which have mostly been for the home this month.

I tried my hand at candle making and am pleased with the results.

An I-Pod bag and another little bag for little one to keep things safe whilst on her travels.

A new door stop for my spare room.

 A new plastic bag holder,

and lastly, did I mention I am about to become a Great Aunt-----Again.  So I am doing my first major crochet project, a baby blanket.  It's coming on well but is getting to the  unwieldy stage, but I promise to keep you up to date with progress.

Have a great weekend.


  1. They`re very brave, aren`t they Gill, those girlies who want to conquer the World! My friend`s two have just gone to NZ (one of them already has her citizenship and now she`s persuaded her younger sister to join her - all adding to my friend`s depression, I might add!). Anyway, they seem to be having an absolute ball and so will your daughter, I`m sure. Love all your new makes and the baby blanket looks so lovely. Are you doing it in cotton? It looks very intricate. Have a great weekend.

  2. Well done You! I have had a candle kit for 2 years now with the intention of making a cup candle but alas I have yet to do it! Your makes are fabby!

  3. I'm not surprised your glad she's going with friends. I'm still struggling with what age do I tell our eldest (10yrs) she can walk to the shop on her own. I think it's more of a learning curve for us.

    If you come to P 'n' Mix you will say hello won't you.


  4. We're on our own this weekend as well. But then one girl will be back for a few days before going off again. It's hard to keep adjusting.

  5. You've been very busy! I haven't made much this month, will have to put a post up in Feb when a birthday present has actually been received! I hope your girl enjoys herself in Thailand, we were meant to go there last year for our honeymoon but ended up going to Sri Lanka instead because of the troubles at the time. It's all safe again now though! Wish I had the money to go there now! :) x

  6. Wow you have been busy. That crosche blanket looks amazing, it would take me 9 months to make a baby blanket at the rate I crochet. Love your candle, I am really keen to make candles, maybe next month!
    Kandi x

  7. You have some lovely makes there! I especially like that pretty candle - it's been a while since I made any candles, you've made me think about having another go :)