Monday, 24 January 2011

I think I'll go back to bed.

No I'm not ill I've just had one of those mornings. You know,I'm sure you've all had one--You fill the washing bowl thing with washing liquid and then drop it on the floor, so you wash the floor and the dogs walked all over it with their muddy paws, then Mr T is on nights and the builders down the road start making hell and all noise and the dogs bark at everything that moves.

They look so cute don't they, don't be deceived.

Anyway, having been reminded by reading Bobo Bun this morning of a book I have, called "the wonderful weekend book", I decided to have a bath, chill out for 10 minutes  and have a quick read. 

Virtually the first thing I see is a page saying " the ideal bath".  Well I don't think the Wine and candles in the morning are quite the thing but the paragraph about revitalising your body with a soft brush and getting rid of dead skin sounded good. No soft brush but do have a loofah, that will do. Next stage rinse off in the shower, well my shower is in a different room but I do have a handheld shower head on the taps, just as good surely.

Mistake No.1-- Check which way the shower head is facing when you turn it on. Another floor to wash and Mirror to clean, walls to wipe down and book to dry out. I must have looked like something from a carry on film with this thing wiggling about all over the place.

Mistake No2-- Having got said shower head under control, Check the water temp and remember that you have a combination boiler so it takes a short while for the hot water to come through, before turning the water on yourself. From hot to freezing cold in moments is not fun.

Mistake no 3-- Don't scream when the cold water hits you and your husband is on nights as he wakes up thinking you have had an accident then is cross because you have not.

No I should never have got out of bed.



  1. Hee hee, that made me laugh! Definitely should have stayed in bed! :) x

  2. Definately the sort of day where you'd either go back to bed or just drown your sorrows in chocolate.

  3. Oh dear - it's funny how those mornings always happen on a Monday!

  4. At least the computer didn't crash as well !
    Hope it gets better, my cooker hood is dismantled waiting for me to clean it - long overdue but reading blogs instead - whats more important !?
    Sue x

  5. LMAO You sound as bad as me, I hope your day improves, please don't walk under any ladders or let a black cat cross your path lol. ((((hugs)))) Pixie xxx