Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Following in Kirsties footsteps

After my few days in Somerset I carried on down to my Eldest daughters in Exeter for a couple of days.

It was her birthday recently and I bought her this book as she is a real fan.

One of the photo's in the book is a reclamation yard called "Fagin's" just outside Exeter.

So of course we had to go.

Green house anyone.

This was fabulous,  but I couldn't find a price .

I was never going to come away empty handed though. A lovely embroidered table cloth which needs an iron after being washed.

And a present for Mr. T's desk, we just need to get new stamps made up.

Luckily for Mr. T I drive a small 2 seater car so I couldn't fit much in and with so much choice I could have filled a van.



  1. That looks worth the visit. I can just imagine your little car filled to the brim with goodies! Thanks for the award too Gill. This is my third and I haven`t even got around to posting about the first one yet! little time!

  2. Oh wow, I could waste all my pay in there it looks like a right treasure trove.
    Kandi x

  3. Yum! That looks fabulous. I wish we had reclamation yards nearby, lucky you x

  4. I would love to go there! What a find!
    Jille x

  5. I will have to go there on day as less than an hour from here - looks great x

  6. It looks like a fantastic reclamation yard, wish we had something as exciting near us, though doubt my OH would let me visit for fear of spending our savings!! :) x

  7. ooh looks like a yummy treat that place!!

    You were good!


  8. Hi there! So glad you decided to join our *A MAKE A MONTH 2011* - looking forward to seeing what you make - my makes are always very simple!! love Annie xx