Friday, 3 June 2011

Felting course

Introduction to felting.
This was the course I booked several weeks ago while staying with my brother and  I've been really looking forward to it, if a little nervous of meeting loads of new people.  So my sister- in- law walked with me down the hill, over button bridge, past the cheese and grain to the round tower. Sounds great doesn't it,like something out of a childrens book.
The course was run by Glady's from Spiral Garden , you should check out her stuff, the most amazing glove puppets.
There was 7 of us and, like me,most of the others had tried a bit of felting before but needed some expert guidance.
We started with the obligatory  cup of coffee to break the ice. Then went  on to the history and theory of felting before starting with our first piece of felt.

A plain Pre-felt which means it has only been half felted and can be added to another piece before felting is completed like below.

This is my second piece with shapes cut out of the pre-felt ready to be rolled--lots.

After lunch we came back to find these 2 pieces of pre-felt which we had to bond together by laying more red wool on the back. By the time we had finished you couldn't see the join.

We were given a free hand on our final piece so I added lots of different types of fibres and fabric before felted them all in.  The idea was to do some embroidery later so that it looked like Alliums in the garden.

When I got home I did a bit of machine embroideries well as hand embroidery and I'm quite pleased with the result --for a novice. Next time I will put more thought into the actual shapes.


Here's everyones finished pieces.

It was amazing the variety we came up with between us.

I loved every minute but lord did I ache the next day with all the rolling of the felt.

Glady's recommended this book and it arrived yesterday.

So do you think this might be a bit ambitious at the moment. 

this is amazing although not necessarily to my taste.

and little one has already put in an order for a pair of these. She might have to wait a while.

Next month I'm doing a workshop in machine embroidery with Patch Fabrics in Lowestoft . I'm hoping that eventually I can have a go at  I can combining the two.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. It looks wonderful, I love the machine embroidery you have added.
    I started my felting 'career' by going to a series of workshops, and I really found it hard to wait for the next week!!!! I totally fell in love with it. It really is a very forgiving fabric to work with.
    Sue Xx

  2. Your felty makes look amazing, I have never done wet feltintg but your pics are making it quite tempting!

  3. I've always fancied giving this a go!
    Your makes are lovely!

    B xxx

  4. I love wet felting! I find it very therapeutic! :o) Your piece are lovely!

    C x

  5. Lovely makes! Glad you enjoyed your day :)
    x x x

  6. The felting looks great, love your finished Allium piece! :) x

  7. My daughter did felting for Textiles A level and showed me at home - my effort was not half as good as yours! Go on - go for the chair cover - think big! Having fun is the main thing.

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

  9. that's it!! I'm going to do a course in felting.
    I love your pics. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  10. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    Your felted pieces are all wonderful!!