Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Proud Mum

It's Mr T's birthday today and he loves Chocolate Cake. 
With Fathers day tomorrow and my little one a bit short of money she decided to make him a rich chocolate cake as his birthday present. He was over the moon and as you can see couldn't wait for me to take a photo.
So Happy Birthday my darling, no more jokes about toy boys we are back to being the same age.
For 6 weeks every year I get teased about being older than him. Men are funny things aren't they.

My little one is a life guard on the North Norfolk beaches with the RNLI and last night she went off to Snetterton race track where the RNLI were staging  a 10K run and guess what--

So I have a new ornament in my lounge. She gets it from her Dad, I don't do running.

Mr T went fishing this afternoon so I did some experimenting  with with my sewing machine.  I even made the felt it's based on.
 I love it. 

I have also returned to something I used to do years ago when the children were small, cross stitch.

Just little things which only take an hour to do

Rather than what I did all those years ago.

This cornish village took me weeks.

It's been hanging in my house ever since.

I have decided not to do the swap now as you can see from the ones I have entered there is a lot about.  I'll try to think of something for another time.

Anyway have a great Father's day.



  1. I like the look of the chocolate cake :) Well done to your daughter, My brothers always at Snetterton, in a race car though. I love the fish :) and your cross stitch, I'm not surprised you have kept the cottage forever :) it's so intricate.
    Such a shame you decided not to organise a souvenir swap :(
    Sue Xxx

  2. That chocolate cake looks your felt fish and cross stitch, i have just started doing a cross stitch picture, the last time i did any was when i was pregnant..19 years ago! x

  3. Lovely! Wish Mr T many happy returns, its my birthday too today. Did'nt get a lovely cake though...will make do with a curry later LOL

  4. Congrats to your daughter fab achievement, bet you were delighted!!! I love your new makes, especially the fish and the beach huts, I'm drawn to all things nautical, think I'll have it as a theme in my bathroom next time I decorate, you have inspired me.
    Kandi x

  5. Wow, that is one impressive cross stitch!
    Like Kandi I love the fish and beach hut and that cake looks delish!

    B xxx

  6. That's the kind of 'present' fathers like! And if they're all sporty types, they can exercise it off afterwards. Beautiful little cross-stitch pieces - esp the beach hut!

  7. How wonderful the cake looks!
    No wonder Daddy was thrilled.
    The best gifts are those made with love.