Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Trip to Wells

That's Wells next the Sea. 
So welcome to Norfolk. Why not take the locals advice.

I'm here to meet my friend Karen from Tilly Rose for a bag of chips on Wells Quay and have a good old natter.

How about this for a view while you eat your lunch.

But of course we aren't alone

And this being Norfolk we think of everyone

But Sods law dictates that the first real rain we get for weeks

comes on the day we want to have a wander.

Never mind it was still a great day out and the rain held off until after our chips.

The day gave me an idea for a souvenir swap, the problem is I've never organised one before and I'm a bit nervous ,plus there's been a few recently so is it one too many.  I'm going to have a think about it.

 On that note I'll see you soon with my decision but I would love to hear your views.



  1. Different Swaps for Different Folks!Go for it Gill. x

  2. It looks fab despite the weather. That's a fab photo of the water on the leaf
    Kandi x

  3. Love that area of Norfolk, we stayed at Overstrand near cromer last year and are going back in a cosy cottage for xmas, so excited !! Thats a great idea for a swap xx

  4. Didn't you have a luvverly time....
    I wish you hadn't mentioned the chips...LOL!

    Sandie xx

  5. Lovely post.
    I have never done swapping. Sounds fun though.

  6. Lol, love the bored husbands seat - i could do with one of those outside every charity shop i go in to stop hubby having a moan! Scarlett c

  7. I'm sure you had a brilliant time even with it raining :) I think a souvenir swap is a lovely idea, as long as everyone isn't away on holiday :(
    Sue Xxx

  8. Looks like you had a fun day, despite the rain! A souvenir swap sounds like a fun idea, it's a little bit different:)

  9. Lol! Never noticed that 'Norfolk' sign before - think I go round with my eyes shut sometimes. Now I want fish and chips - from Wells!

  10. Such a lovely day hunny....
    Can't wait for the next time!
    Karen x x x