Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fun Days

First a first a few things to catch up on.

To start a huge welcome hug to all my new followers. I seem to have gained about 10 in the last couple of weeks and I'm  thrilled to have over 80 now. Hope you continue to enjoy my little efforts at blogging.

A big thank you to MuMu and Squeaks Place for the Versatile blogger award which I actually got a couple of weeks ago  and haven't got around to telling you about it. I'm supposed to pass it on to 10 other blogs but I follow so many now and they are all great that I can't pick 10 sooooo- Congrats- you all get one.

Another thank you goes to Gill at the Vintage Gardener for clearing up my mystery plant for me, It's called  centaurea macrocephala and looks like this when it's in flower. What I saw was the seed head which unsurprisingly is used as a dried flower. Anyway thanks Gill.

And by no means least, Thank you to my Summer Swap partner Heather at The Patch work Heart for my swap goodies. I suppose you want to see what I got --

I was excited enough with the box before I'd even opened it.

Lots of prettily wrapped bits.

As you know, Patchwork is not one of my skills so to get not one but two pieces was fantastic.
Heather is a very clever lady.

The pink and yellow stack is chocolate and there were note cards as well as all these others pressies.
Fantastic, Thank you again Heather.

Now to tell you what I've been up to.

Well, we have some tickets for the Olympics which I'm hugely excited about. Not sure what we have got yet but I don't care. I'm a huge sports fan and It's another thing to tick on my  list of things to do. 
You know, learn to ski(tick),drive an open topped sports car(tick), go to the Olympic games(soon to be ticked).

Then on Sunday Mr T, Loopy Lou and I went to the vintage fair at Heydon which was  lovely .
We all came away with a little something and I would love to show you pictures but silly me forgot my camera and although I did take some on my phone, Well.  The phone was my birthday present and is one of these super duper HTC things that they are advertising at the moment and I haven't got a clue how to use it, so forget the photos.

Don't you just love having a day to yourself when you know that the only thing you have to do all day is walk the dogs.  That was me yesterday and I had a great time.  I felted until my arms ached with all the rolling when I sat down to watch tennis at Queens with my hand sewing and my crochet before cooking what I wanted for tea and watching what I wanted on the TV. Mostly American cop shows which I love , the new version of the above is one of my favourites at the moment.  Sorry I hope you didn't expect anything highbrow.

Today is hair  and tennis.

Tomorrow is coffee with friends in Holt before this weeks main event.

Thursday evening I'm going to the Theatre Royal in Norwich to see Marti Pellow.

I think poor Mr T feels a bit cheated, You see as a rule he doesn't do musicals but I just said " Do you fancy seeing Jekyll and Hyde at the theatre?"  "yes that sounds good" says he. So we book the tickets.  Then when they arrived he  said" you didn't tell me it's a musical" "Oh didn't I dear,  Too late to back out now"( smile sweetly).

Then a trip to the Pick 'n' mix fair  on Saturday in Holt where I believe Potter Jotter is going to be.

All in all a good week I think.
Hope yours is going to be a good.
 I'm going back to my crochet and tennis now. God I love being a lady of leisure.



  1. HI Gill, wow you are busy. bless you over the theater trip that did make me smile ;-)) Have a lovely time. And wow congratulations on getting your tickets for the Olympics how very exciting ;-)) Have a wonderful week ;-)) dee x

  2. O'h Gill I have 3 more years to go before leisure but I think I can make it lol what a great post,I really enjoyed the whole thing.

  3. Hi there - I might have met you at Heydon last weekend but we decided to do the BerghApton sculpture trail instead - so much on at this time of year we're spoilt for choice. V. nervous about Saturday!!

  4. I had Heather as a swap partner recently - she makes lovely things!
    I think I will be doing my Olympic watching from the sofa!

  5. So pleased you liked your swap! Sorry Ive been a bad blogger I will shout out about mine now! H x

  6. What lovely swap goodies you received and what a busy time you've had, I would love to see the Olympics, but thats not going to happen, hope you had a good time at the pick and mix fair,
    SUe Xxx