Thursday, 23 June 2011

A late birthday treat.

My friend Loobylou took me out for lunch today as my promised birthday treat. 

6 weeks ago I got a card saying I owe you one walk with a lunch at the end.

We started the day at the Emma Bridgewater sale which started today. 
They hold one locally as until recently they lived here and ran the business from here.

Both of us are real fans  of Bridgewater china and have quite a few pieces (understatement) but you can never have enough china, can you.
A lot of  the china here is seconds although you would never know it.

Teapot anyone

or maybe a mug.

So after spending our life savings 
it was time for a well deserved coffee and scone
 on Emma china of course.

We then  set off on our walk along part of the coastal path.
We waited until after a heavy downpour and left the cafe to go 
through the fruit farm

Onto the footpath

going via Blakeney Quay, which is very pretty, but give it a few weeks 

 and you won't be able to move here for people on holiday.
 This is a very popular area for holiday homes.

Following the coastal path out past the old hulks and onto the Salt marshes. 
It is  fantastic for bird watchers along this part of the coast,
 but I don't really know one bird from another so it's wasted on me.

Fortune favours the brave and the famous Norfolk big sky stays blue for the hour it took us to complete our walk.

We got back to the main road past Cley mill. 

This used to be on those BBC Logo films, the ones with the hot air balloons and the kids always used to shout  when it came on. 

The green between me and the mill is all reeds.
 It used to be the the old quay  but sadly it is all silted up now.

 We got back for lunch just in time before the next heavy down pour.

 Then just time for some PYO raspberries before home.

A really lovely day.
Hope you all had a great day too.

See you soon.



  1. Ooooo, lovely teapots and mugs! I love Emma Bridgewater too! Hope you had a lovely birthday Gill! :o)

    C x

  2. What a wonderful day you had,I enjoyed it all the way over here lol it was a special day for you both,just lovely.

  3. What a lovely day out - you live in a fab part of the country :)

    I went to one of those sales once - got some cracking bargains. I'd have loved one of the UJ mugs - their 2nds are so perfect its hard to see the flaws.

  4. Looks like a beautiful place and wonderful day out, lovely china and that scone looked yummy. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. That's a lovely walk. I keep promising myself to do it one day. Must arrange a meet up soon.

  6. hi there
    i am your swap partner for the yarn swap. io dont know how to contact you other than leaving a post!

  7. What a lovely birthday present!

    Sandie xx