Saturday, 25 June 2011


We should know it's Midsummer as it's pouring with rain here and has been all night not to mention all week,well on and off but as yet nobody has mentioned lifting the drought restrictions. Not that it matters to me, the last thing I need to do is water the garden and the water butts are full and then some.

So as I'm talking about my garden, here is my favourite lily and my plant of the week.
 The colour is so rich I just wish I had more of them. I always keep my lilies in pots as they tend to get eaten in the beds but with the pots I keep them at the back of the summer house until they are growing well when out them come to brighten the patio before going back to their hid hole for the winter.  It works really well.

I received my Midsummer Swap yesterday from Sue over at@home and was excited enough with the tape on the parcel. I must get me some of that it's so pretty.

Lots of very pretty little parcels, love the colour of the wrapping.

This was the first thing I opened and was over the moon (sorry for the pun).
I put them on straight away and even Mr T said "they look really nice" Compliment indeed.

Theres a mobile phone charm, earrings and a bracelet and I think Sue has made the beads herself. I know how clever she is with glass as I have a lovely glass ladybird of hers.

But of course they weren't the only thing I got, Look
Stars and moon bunting and a brooch and buttons which are gorgeous. The scrummy chocolates helped me get through the stress of watching Andy Murray last night. There goes the diet again.

I can't believe how generous she has been so a huge 
Thank you Sue.

Have a great weekend folks and see you soon.



  1. Wow! That was one gorgeous parcel!
    Have a drier weekend,

    Sandie xx

  2. So pleased you liked it, and even got a compliment from Mr T :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. Lovely swap goodies! Hope your rain has stopped now - our has.

  4. What a wonderful parcel.
    Really beautiful goodies.