Thursday, 30 June 2011

Monthly makes

I realised the other day that I haven't been showing you my monthly makes 
but just been putting them onto Flickr. 
 So this month I have remembered.

I have been made to feel guilty by Justine at Sew Justine Sew who is completing all her unfinished projects. It made me remember that I had a dress cut out ready to sew. I brought the fabric in Bruni on my trip last year and it's a nice fine silk. 

Anyway I have finished it and,although this isn't a good photo, it's looks great on. I just need my little one to put it on so I can do the hem.

Having done this I was inspired to make myself something else. Remember my trip to the auction recently(here), well, I decided to try and use one of the pieces to make a skirt.
The fabric it's self is cotton with machine embroidery. I think it was originally a tablecloth but had been cut down.

The pattern was on old simplicity one that I used years ago and like a lot of things I hadn't got rid of. 
I always knew it was good to be a hoarder.

It has turned out better than I could hoped as it fits like a glove and the scalloped edge forms the hem which for me is great.  I hate sewing the hems.

The thing I most pleased with is the back seam.  I have layered it so that the scalloped edge shows down the back and forms the rear kick split.  

All I need now is a holiday or somewhere to wear them .  

Speak again soon.


Monday, 27 June 2011

Didn't we have a lovely time

I can't believe the difference in the weather since my last post, isn't it glorious.

Yesterday Mr T and I decided to make the most of the sunshine
 and went for a bike ride.

Through the country lanes to Paston on the coast road and a stop to look at the village pond

Then onto the new cycle path which goes through  the fields and past these beauties

To Mundesley
This is the nearest beach to us, just 3 miles down the road if you go the direct route (which of course Mr T didn't)

It's  a nice little village

And has pretty cliff top gardens

And of course every thing else you would expect from the seaside.

But this is what we came for,

This is where our little one is in charge for the summer as the senior lifeguard.
So time for a cold drink and a piece of cake, well I had earned it.

The tide was coming in, time to move the flags and make a move for home.

 Back through the Norfolk countryside.

Before stopping at the PYO for strawberries to have with dinner.

The perfect Sunday.

Hope yours was as good.
Have a great day.


Saturday, 25 June 2011


We should know it's Midsummer as it's pouring with rain here and has been all night not to mention all week,well on and off but as yet nobody has mentioned lifting the drought restrictions. Not that it matters to me, the last thing I need to do is water the garden and the water butts are full and then some.

So as I'm talking about my garden, here is my favourite lily and my plant of the week.
 The colour is so rich I just wish I had more of them. I always keep my lilies in pots as they tend to get eaten in the beds but with the pots I keep them at the back of the summer house until they are growing well when out them come to brighten the patio before going back to their hid hole for the winter.  It works really well.

I received my Midsummer Swap yesterday from Sue over at@home and was excited enough with the tape on the parcel. I must get me some of that it's so pretty.

Lots of very pretty little parcels, love the colour of the wrapping.

This was the first thing I opened and was over the moon (sorry for the pun).
I put them on straight away and even Mr T said "they look really nice" Compliment indeed.

Theres a mobile phone charm, earrings and a bracelet and I think Sue has made the beads herself. I know how clever she is with glass as I have a lovely glass ladybird of hers.

But of course they weren't the only thing I got, Look
Stars and moon bunting and a brooch and buttons which are gorgeous. The scrummy chocolates helped me get through the stress of watching Andy Murray last night. There goes the diet again.

I can't believe how generous she has been so a huge 
Thank you Sue.

Have a great weekend folks and see you soon.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

A late birthday treat.

My friend Loobylou took me out for lunch today as my promised birthday treat. 

6 weeks ago I got a card saying I owe you one walk with a lunch at the end.

We started the day at the Emma Bridgewater sale which started today. 
They hold one locally as until recently they lived here and ran the business from here.

Both of us are real fans  of Bridgewater china and have quite a few pieces (understatement) but you can never have enough china, can you.
A lot of  the china here is seconds although you would never know it.

Teapot anyone

or maybe a mug.

So after spending our life savings 
it was time for a well deserved coffee and scone
 on Emma china of course.

We then  set off on our walk along part of the coastal path.
We waited until after a heavy downpour and left the cafe to go 
through the fruit farm

Onto the footpath

going via Blakeney Quay, which is very pretty, but give it a few weeks 

 and you won't be able to move here for people on holiday.
 This is a very popular area for holiday homes.

Following the coastal path out past the old hulks and onto the Salt marshes. 
It is  fantastic for bird watchers along this part of the coast,
 but I don't really know one bird from another so it's wasted on me.

Fortune favours the brave and the famous Norfolk big sky stays blue for the hour it took us to complete our walk.

We got back to the main road past Cley mill. 

This used to be on those BBC Logo films, the ones with the hot air balloons and the kids always used to shout  when it came on. 

The green between me and the mill is all reeds.
 It used to be the the old quay  but sadly it is all silted up now.

 We got back for lunch just in time before the next heavy down pour.

 Then just time for some PYO raspberries before home.

A really lovely day.
Hope you all had a great day too.

See you soon.


Monday, 20 June 2011

A Victorian Wedding

I've been Charity shop shopping(if that makes sense) and fell in love with this beautiful book.
So come with me to the Doll's house wedding

Here's my invitation

So off to the department store to do some shopping

All the boxes have something in them and open up.

A Gift of Love seems apt for the wedding.

Then it's time for a new hair do, 

Off to the church

where the wedding is under way

Marriage certificate signed

and photos taken

Back to the dolls house 

for the reception

before going off to the honeymoon
My postcard has arrived safely.

As has my Thank you letter.

Until I looked through it I don't think this book had even been opened,

And the price of this potential heirloom -----75p.